Christine Spinder & Kate Sutherland

This offering is at the cutting edge of our newly combined practice, and is dedicated to growing our and others' capacity for creating new social paradigms. We look forward to creating WITH you, acknowledging your gifts and genius.


Recognising Social Location:

Kate and Christine recognise the call for white people to challenge other white people to recognise, name, and leverage their social locations  and privilege for truly collaborative systems transformation. Kate and Christine thank their teachers, mentors and lifetime collaborators for their teachings, honesty, fearlessness and generosity in working together for a sustainable, just, and joyful society.


Christine Spinder is a social enterpreneur, facilitator, coach and educator with 20+ years of leadership in social innovation, Indigenous-Ally collaboration and transformative systems development across Canada, including The Restoring Circles Project, a social innovation based in cross-cultural relationship evolution. She's been awarded multiple times for her social innovation projects, including a Canadian Gemini and being named an Ashoka Changemaker. Christine has facilitated teams engaging diversity, land, art, language, social enterprise, leadership, circle process and relationship-based development with national, international, circumpolar, inter-governmental, public-private and co-operative initiatives.  Seminal teaching has been with George Lakey of the Training for Change Institute, Joanne Baines of the School for BodyMind Centering, and Dr. Mark Jones of the Sunyata Institute and Goddard College. With her Masters in transformational psychology and leadership from Saybrook University, and lifelong studies in embodiment, story, creativity, ritual and Process Work, Christine engages change makers in identity, belonging, and deep agency to ripple social transformation with collective evolution.



Kate Sutherland is founding faculty and executive coach for SFU’s Social Innovation Certificate and THNK School of Creative Leadership. With 25 years experience as a consultant in community and organizational change, her current focus is growing the capacity and nimbleness of leaders and change agents. Ever since she lived at the Findhorn Foundation (1990-93) where she learned simple, powerful (and collective!) inner work approaches to governance and decision making, she has cultivated intuitive knowing and ability to work co-creatively through daily inner work practices. She has also trained in Process Work with Arnold and Amy Mindell, been a long time meditator, studied Systemic Constellation Work with Jane Peterson, and been one of the keepers of the Trust Theory (Jack Gibb) lineage. Her latest book, We Can Do This! 10 Tools to Unleash Our Collective Genius shares the frameworks she has found most helpful for transforming groups, systems and self.





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