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Ciel Ellis, Personal Life Coach.

My piece in the world of leadership is to help people reframe the stories of their lives in order to remind them of their love, passion and power.  Then teach them how to use those three elements for inclusion versus exclusion.  

See I am part of creating the world that I want to live in.  Yet for the majority of my life I was living with the container of my limiting beliefs, painful past and disbelief of who I truly am.  I know that these ideas are not true.  

What I have discovered is how to unlock my fantastic life.  How did I do it?  Well I found the key that unlocked my heart.  I now show others how to unlock their hearts.  The transformations are remarkable.  

"I am so happy.  I love my life, and love me exactly how I am."  I could not say these words for a very long time.  Now they are my daily affirmation.  

I believe that we were all born magnificent.  However, we have lived some things have us believe otherwise.  There is nothing that you have done, said or experienced that has changed your magnificence.  

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