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Circle for Natural Aid in Live

The Bruno Groening Circle of Friends is the largest, charitable, non-profit group for healing on the spiritual path in the world. It can be found on all continents and the teaching is currently translated into twenty-six languages. The Bruno Groening Circle of Friends continues to pass on Bruno Groening’s teaching informs people worldwide how to absorb the healing energy, and healings are still occurring today, just as they did during Groening’s lifetime.Interested individuals and those searching for help can learn to absorb the healing force (Heilstrom) free of charge. Hereby amazing healings occur, even from organic ailments that had existed for many years. Considering the numerous success reports of children, animals, and plants, the assumptions that these healings occurred through suggestion are unfounded. Rather, we are dealing with the comprehensible work of a spiritual healing force the positive effect of which can stand up to medical testing.

In the Bruno Groening Circle of Friends, all activities are offered free of charge as all costs are covered by voluntary donations. An important aspect of the teaching of Bruno Groening is maintaining free will. Everyone can leave the Circle of Friends. There are no financial or legal obligations. There are no medical consultations, examinations or treatments.

The teaching of Bruno Groening is not connected to any organized religion. People of all religions are represented in the Bruno Groening Circle of Friends. Bruno said: “I came for all people, no matter which nation, no matter which religion”


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