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Code-it Hacks Inc.

CODE-IT HACKS is a technology school designed to train young people in grades 3 - 12 in computer programming, robotics and physical computing skills. We are a team of passionate STEM professionals who are committed to imparting foundational skills in a safe, carefree and fun environment. We hope that the next generation of youth can realize the power of coding and share our vision of "Changing the world one code at a time."

21st Century classrooms need to go beyond reading, writing, math and science. Whether your child opts for the field of technology, arts or sciences, Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, Quantum computing to name a few, are coming faster at us than we can imagine and will impact all aspects of our lives: professional and personal. Are our kids ready? Code-it Hacks has started its journey to ensure Canadian kids and schools have access to such programs to break the cycle of the "norm" and learn the 21st century skills before they enter universities to make their mark! With our unique curriculum and methodology, we are certain to train the next generation of bright and creative minds with tools and attitude to take on their paths with passion, confidence and sound technical knowledge.

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