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Concordia Club, Oktoberfest

Oktoberfest was started at the Concordia Club in 1967 as a centennial project to celebrate the 100th birthday of Canada as a nation. We have never looked back as this annual festival draws visitors from far and near. It's a festival for everybody and to this day is enjoyed by everybody. The Club adds a huge festival tent to it's building and thereby offeres 3 distinct different venues to visit. Once you are in the compound you are free to go to either the Tent, the Hall or the Schenke restaurant. Entertainment is offered in all location while the flair is of course diffferent. Many people visit the restaurant to enjoy a typical German meal and enjoy a German Draft beer. The Tent of course offeres many attractions such as games of skill, cafeteria style foo, waitstaff, bars and much more.

The Concordia Oktoberfest is hugely popular and the Concordia Club is from what we are told "the place to be"

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