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CREATION NATION by Brandon Neighborhood Renewal Corporation

The Creation Nation maker space is made up of over 6000 sq. feet of shared community workspace from woodworking to bike maintenance, sewing and 3D printing shops. It is located in the heart of downtown Brandon (440 Rosser Avenue). The goal of Creation Nation is to bring together the community of craftspeople, artists, innovators, and makers who have the passion to build and create with materials such as wood, metal, plastics, textile, or electronics.

Through partnerships with a number of government agencies, community groups and
organizations, the Brandon Neighbourhood Renewal Corporation (BNRC) delivers programs that
increase community potential, build economic opportunities, improve recreational and leisure amenities, strengthen housing choices and create safe, attractive and inviting

The BNRCs 5-Year Community Plan guides all of our work. The plan is based on an extensive community consultation process and reflects the community's stated priorities.

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