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Crow's Nest Wildcraft

Crow's Nest Wildcraft is an artisan hide tannery, curated by Mara Cur.

I use ancient methods of harnessing tannins, fats, and smoke to transform animal skins into workable, wearable, durable material.

All animal hides are ethically harvested and either skinned by me or salvaged from hunters and farmers. Only the natural ingredients found in bark, smoke, and oils are used in tanning. No industrial processes or byproducts are utilized.

Scars and skin imperfections are kept intact on my leather goods. Predator claws, barbed-wire fence scratches, and antler wounds may all be present. The story of each animal carries forward in the finished product.

I work with hides of Coastal Blacktail deer, Mule deer, Whitetail deer, Pronghorn antelope, domesticated sheep, wild and domesticated goat, raccoon, and beaver. Each species takes best to a particular tanning method and creates a unique end product, but there is also rich variation amongst individuals.


I call my work artisanal - rather than traditional.  I am a mixed settler who has gleaned knowledge from many teachers, and I do not operate within a specific traditional lineage to be able to call it 'traditional.'  I look to my own ancestry for guidance in this craft and refrain from appropriating cultural practices.

I practice this work in western Montana on Shoshone traditional territory and at home on Cortes Island, at the north end of Coast Salish territory.

I respect the unique traditions of Indigenous nations and seek to decolonize all my relationships.

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