Culture Chats

‘Culture Chats BC Association’ is a not for profit community based association that aims to bring together residents of the local community across different cultures to engage with, experience and enjoy literary arts and other arts

Words have the power to open minds; books can be a window to new worlds. The love of literature can unite people from diverse backgrounds. Language and literacy are recognized as pivotal in adapting to our modern way of life. We aim to support building informal open culturally conducive environments that enhance learning and communication among a diverse group of people

The Cambridge English dictionary defines culture as ‘the way of life, especially the general customs and beliefs, of a particular group of people at a particular time’. Cultural familiarity often impacts like-ability and the flow of communication. It can determine who we befriend, who we employ, where we live and how we socialize. A lack of emphasis on understanding and engagement with each other’s cultures leads to a divided communities living in individual silos.

We hope that the work of Culture Chats enables creative participation of varied responsible voices in the collective cultural and artistic sphere.

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