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Stop Thinking, Start Doing.

Strength in numbers!

Group Fitness and Dance allows for participants to have a memorable experience together. Regardless if it is dancing to music or exercising to music, you are just moving to the beat and this creates positive energy. This energy helps create a healthy mind body connection, and helps us bond with others. We are naturally attracted to healthy actions and exercise behavior of others around us.

Group exercise and dance tends to make us happy, we smile and maybe even laugh which increases endorphin levels and boosts our moods. We gain confidence when we complete emotionally and physically challenging tasks. It is human nature to want to be a part of something, to connect with others, to create positive experiences. Let’s get creative and move together! Group exercise improves one’s motivation. We get encouraged by others and this keeps us coming back because it we feel more inspired but also because it just feels good!

Movement to music is a multi-sensory experience. It is fun, engaging and helps improves balance and coordination. When we express our emotions through various movement in a group, this is very powerful. When we integrate physical, cognitive, social and emotional learning domains, we provide ourselves with a holistic experience.

My goal is motivating others to achieve their fitness goals through group exercise and dance. To create a deeper mind body connection and an improved state of well being and sense of belonging, while having fun doing so!

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