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Death Doula Network of BC

Just two Death Doulas creating connection ... and building community through knowledge, personal connection and support. All with a passion to reimagine a world accepting of death, talking about it and enabling all of us to die well on our terms.

Jo-Anne Haun, End of Life Alternatives & Karen Hendrickson, Take the Journey

We are practicing End of Life Doulas, Death & EOL Educators and Planning Specialists. We have met with many Death Doulas, just like you and consistently hear your longing for an active death doula network focused on gathering like minds together, with a focused intention on building relationships and making personal connections, to grow yourselves, your work and the Death Doula industry.

More than just education, you want heartfelt connection and camaraderie.

You want a true collective where we help each other to grow our relationships, our knowledge, our businesses and the industry.


Or maybe you simply have a passion and desire to connect, learn and grow with other like-minded people who are simply interested in getting comfortable with the uncomfortable, accepting your mortality, and learning how to live and love more fully right now. You want to learn how to start with the end in mind. You want to participate in a movement focused on the growth of Death Positivity, and creating a world where death is no longer unspeakable. In fact, a world that embraces death as sacred as birth. If this is you ...