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Deborah Breen Whiting - Certified Myers Briggs Practitioner

As a business owner, entrepreneur, leader, employee, parent, negotiator, marketer, spouse and friend, I have used the principles of Myers Briggs extensively for over 20 years on an almost daily basis. They have helped me to build business, effectively lead people (often through very difficult circumstances) improve relationships, appreciate others, and push myself beyond my comfort zones.

I first attended a workshop in 1997, and was so impacted by the session that I sought to become a Myers Briggs Practitioner and trainer (at the time, completely out of my self-assessed iNtrovert comfort zone). 

There are many personality tests and psychometric instruments available. Their usefulness is only determined by the participants’ willingness to gain self understanding, understand other people, and to be willing to change their own behaviours to gain the true benefits of their new knowledge. I focus on the underlying Theory and visible characteristics of Type Preferences that people will recognize long after they have forgotten their 'code'.

Between workshops and private sessions, I use Myers Briggs daily in my consulting practice for strategic marketing and design, and HR Management Software configuration.  High creativity and complex system configuration seem like an odd mix? My type tagline—begin with the end in mind—is the core common thread driving effectiveness and simplifying complex processes.

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