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Dr. Phil Smith and Dr. Amar Dhillon, Welcome to Wellness

Our Mission is to create the healthiest community in Canada.

Dr. Phil Smith is the co-author of the best seller "The World's Best Kept Health Secret Revealed". He has made countless health expert appearances on radio and television.  He has been involved in research with chiropractic and performance enhancement.  Dr. Smith has provided care to thousands of families in the past 24 years.  Reversing disease and eliminating the need for medication is common at Welcome to Wellness.  Dr. Phil has adjusted many professional athletes allowing them to perform at their optimal level.  You don't have to be an athlete.  In fact, most people just want to feel better, become healthier, be more active, look great and live a better life.

Dr. Amar Dhillon is an advocate and warrior for true healthcare and wellness.  She is an active community member who has presented in schools, workplaces, and churches.  Dr. Amar believes in educating and empowering her community members so that are able to make well informed health decisions.  According to Dr. Amar, everyone deserves good health and she is here to make that happen.

Both these doctors of chiropractic also have training in lifestyle medicine through Harvard Medical School.  We know that 90-95% of cancer, heart disease and diabetes are preventable!  At Welcome to Wellness our culture is changing the way people view and manage their health.  From Sick care to Well care!  From Nursing Home to Cruise Ship -- we expect to see you Onboard!

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