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Eco-Sense. Gord and Ann Baird


Ann and Gord Baird walk their talk of resilient living at their Eco-Sense homestead located 20 minutes from Victoria. Features of their home include solar PV with grid tie, solar thermal hot water, energy and water conservation, compost toilets, rainwater harvesting, grey-water re-use, living roof, earthen floors, natural finishes, and food gardens all integrated into their exceptionally beautiful and affordable example of earthen architecture.
The Eco-Sense Homestead and farm is a nursery for perenniel Edible Plants for food resilence in a changing climate.  They teach and host workshops and tours on a broad range of topics including food, water, and energy systems to build backyard and community resilience while teaching the hands on skills enabling successful outcomes.
Onsite courses include both a classroom and homestead experience.  The beautiful and inspiring classroom is perfect for small groups.  The MUDroom @ Eco-Sense is equipted with high quality video screen for presentations.

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