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Ecohesian Inc.

"Sharing the L'eau-ve™ of water, conservation, stewardship, and sustainability that flourishes with inclusive accessible environmental social justice." - Ecohesian Inc.

We are a Canadian environmental consultancy specializing in research, inclusive universal design, outreach, and on-the-ground efforts to cherish people and planet. From workshops, to reconnecting with nature, mitigating pollution with zero-waste and shoreline cleanups, citizen science, multistakeholder engagement and collaboration with diverse communities (including Indigenous, BIPOC, Persons with Disabilities, Interfaith, and beyond) civil society and government, inclusive environmental governance, natural resource management, disaster management, climate action, direct-action conservation, stewardship, and sustainability work, including intersections with barrier-free accessible social justice, and beyond.

Come join us at: | FB/IG/Twitter @Ecohesian