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Since 2001, the EDE - ED Echo course has been taught over 800 times to over 10,000 Canadian and international physicians and allied health professionals. Its use has become the standard of care in large trauma centers, remote settings and everything in between. It has even been used in Canadian Forces combat units in Afghanistan. 

EDE is the most highly rated introductory ultrasound course in North America. 


We host these ultrasound training courses for doctors across Canada in Brantford Ontario.

We need real people for physicians to practice on. Each scanning session pays $50.00 in cash.

The scanning sessions are typically scheduled for 2 hours.


Models are scanned with an ultrasound machine so physicians can practice their skills.  All participants are medical doctors.  The ultrasound scan is like those done for pregnant women and involves no harmful radiation.


You will be scanned over the chest, back, abdomen, and maybe legs.  The participants will be looking at the heart, lungs and veins and arteries.  Loose, comfortable clothes such as a sports top and shorts are recommended.  Towels will be provided. 

 People with pericardial effusion, free fluid in the abdomen, abdominal aortic anyurism, 6- 8 weeks pregnant are paid a premium for this course.

Thank you for your support in helping doctors learn a valuable new skill that can save lives!


Dr. Greg Hall MD CCFP(EM) FCFP


Assistant Clinical Professor McMaster University



If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us.



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