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Edmonton Men's Health Collective Society (EMHC)

The Edmonton Men’s Health Collective is a local, grassroots health organization run for and by gay, bisexual, trans and queer (GBTQ) men. EMHC is committed to improving the health of marginalized people through, community-based research, community and provider based training, supporting programs for trans and non-binary people, and advocating for policies that increase the effectiveness of our healthcare system. Our vision is for Edmonton GBTQ men to have equitable opportunity to experience positive health and wellbeing. Our mission is to provide a representative voice that addresses the specific health determinants and needs of GBTQ men through community education, support and capacity building; provider training and professional development; and community based research and advisory. Please visit our websites for more information on our Social, Physical, Mental, and Sexual health projects:


When the EMHC sent out a community needs survey, more people from our community identified body image as an issue they wanted to learn more about than any other topic. For many people, our ideas about what is and what is not attractive are influenced by what we see, and don’t see, in mainstream pop culture and queer media. Just take a moment and think of the bodies you see presented and celebrated most: young, white, cisgender, tall and muscular, with no bald spots or any other “imperfections”. Not only is this image not a reflection of the diversity of our community, but it’s also downright impossible for most to achieve. Come celebrate the beautiful diversity in our community with a wine metaphor.

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