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Eileen Beltzner & Michelle Taggart

Eileen Beltzner S.C.C., B.A., M.S.W., TITC-CFST, R.S.W., is a Social Worker, Psychotherapist, and a Compassion Fatigue Recovery and Prevention Specialist. Eileen has been incorporating mindful based cognitive therapy (MBCT) practices into her work with teachers and health-care professionals for a number of years. 

Rainer Beltzner FCPA, FCA, FCMC, ICD.D is a business professional who has experienced the realities of large corporate structures, politics and interpersonal conflicts on an international basis. He has taught at Universities across Canada and mentored clients, staff and friends as they struggled with business or career challenges.

Both Eileen and Rainer completed their MSC teacher training with Dr. Chris Germer, Dr. Kristin Neff, Dr. Steve Hickman and Michelle Becker, LMFT.

Eileen and Rainer Beltzner have previously presented the MSC 8 week program in January 2015 and have presented the"Introduction to MSC Workshops" to the following:

  • Halton Women's Center 
  • Halton/Peel Mindfulness Professionals
  • Canadian Positive Psychology Association

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