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Elegant Badasses

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We are professionals who refuse to settle. We are Elegant Badass men and women who are committed to living our best lives, as our best selves and REFUSE to apologize for it!

Our community is built on the power of connection, sharing stories and the importance of supporting each other. Elegant Badass events are a time for you to connect with other likeminded individuals within the community of Kelowna, BC.

Get ready to connect, get some guidance, and gain support for your badass journey!

This group is perfect for you if...

1. You need inspiration, positive motivation and support to keep moving forward, being bold and brave and pursuing what you love. When you see others doing it, it inspires you to take action too.

2. You believe sharing your story is beneficial both to yourself and the world. You know that sharing your story connects you with others and inspires action to transform the way you give, love and live.

3. You don't wait for happiness to come instead you go out and find it.

4. You do whatever makes you happy and are not afraid to fight for the things you love.

5. You are born a fighter and will not be destroyed by anyone or anything.

6. You know that hardship and failure don't define you or anyone else.

7. You are empowered by the awareness that being unique makes you shine.

8. You never stop learning and working to reach your goals.

9. You have the guts to ask for what you want and fully expect to get it.

10. You do your best to spread inspiration and encourage others.

11. You let others know how amazing they are and inspire them to be their best selves.

12. You are respectful and value your time as well as others

13. You know you have dreams so big that sometimes they scare you, yet you refuse to stop believing in them and you know that someone else's dreams are just as attainable too!

14. You love making others feel encouraged and badass too!

Elegant Badasses Networking Group is a safe place for you to be seen and heard as you are. What we have in common is an inner drive to pursue what makes us happy leaving the naysayers behind. We have big ideas and value working as a collaborative space with other working professionals.

No matter what stage of your professional journey you are at (5, 10, 20+ years, just starting out or just started a side hustle) we are here to support you.

We meet once a month at various locations in Kelowna and meet randomly throughout the month.


We also have Elegant Badasses in the Spotlight Live Interviews where we feature bold and brave men and women who ignore the naysayers and live their dreams!

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