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Emma Fretz Creative

Hi, I’m Emma Fretz. I’m a Waterloo based designer, artist, and teacher with big dreams and a big heart for inspiring creativity and enterpreneurship in others.

I haven’t always had this life; in fact just 2 years ago I was studying full time for a career in medicine. If you’d had asked me, I would’ve said that I was on track for my dream life, but the truth is that I was trying to fulfill expectations that no one was placing on me but myself.  

At the age of 18 I opened my first online shop, Daughter Beauty Co. I had no idea that that little venture would spark an entrepreneurial fire in me and completely change the course of my life. Today, you can find me in my home studio watching re-runs of New Girl and snuggling with my pup Lily between projects and workshops.

I should have known that the little girl who continually got in trouble at school for being bossy would grow up to be an entrepreneur.  I’m probably sipping a coffee or rosé right now thinking about how I can inspire more people like myself to take the risk and step into the dream role that they were created for.

Want to know what really makes my heart sing? Seeing people feel confident, creative, and connected to a community that makes them soar.  If I can be the friend who gives you permission to rise into a life worthy of who you have become, who says “I believe you can do this” when you don’t believe in yourself… then I’ll consider my job done.

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