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Discover Kavanagh Auctions, if you are a Lover of timeless items defined by words such as beautiful, unusual, and creative; a Collector of items beyond the ordinary; a Treasure Hunter tracking down something simply unique or if you are searching for unique, unusual and unexpected finds for your home or as a gift.

Kavanagh Auctions offers an engaging auction experience for both new and experienced buyers. All auctions are accessible Live and Online. Our focus is on antiques, mid-century modern, industrial, art deco and oriental finds, including Furnishings, Fine Artwork, Sculpture, Decorative items, Jewellery, Lighting, Collectibles and more.

We encourage you to attend an engaging live auction if you are in the Montreal area. To view our auction catalogue visit kavanaghauctions.com. Auction Previews are offered on the day of the auction from 3 PM to 7 PM or by appointment prior to the auction date. At Kavanagh Auctions both buyers and sellers are always provided professional and trusted Auction Sales, Estate Sales and Estate Liquidation Services. Contact us if you have any questions about selling, consigning, buying items or attending our live auctions. We are always pleased to help.



Established in 2008, Kavanagh Auctions evolved from an antiques and interior design business into a notable Montreal Auction House with the goal to connect customers with realistically priced antique, vintage and retro finds. Kavanagh Auctions is owned and managed by Beau Kavanagh and Augus Tasker. The inspiration to transform into an Auction House unlike any-other, came while Beau Kavanagh was one of the reality-TV show stars of Historia's La Fièvre des Encans (French History Channel-Auction Fever). At Kavanagh Auctions, our auctions are always engaging, entertaining, exciting and offer an eclectic collection and dynamic mix of finds for a variety tastes and budgets. What makes Kavanagh Auctions different is not only the collections offered but also a true passion and commitment, to recycle, up-cycle and preserve history one item at a time.

Expect the Unexpected at Kavanagh Auctions.

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