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Ending Violence Association of BC

The Ending Violence Association of BC (EVA BC) is a province-wide, non-profit, victim-serving organization that has existed in BC for over 22 years and is funded primarily by the Province of BC to serve as a resource for over 240 community-based services supporting survivors of sexual assault, relationship violence, child abuse and criminal harassment. Our goal is to provide support and training to the community-based victim assistance programs in BC; undertake research, develop and distribute resources and tools to community programs serving victims in BC; educate the public on the needs of victims of violence; develop and maintain standards for the provision of service to those who have been victimized; foster the development of relevant cross sectoral initiatives across BC and support communities to maintain them; provide related education and training to criminal justice, health and social service system personnel; work in partnership with other provincial organizations, educational institutions and other key organizations in related fields to ensure cross sectoral collaboration and information exchange at the provincial level; engage in projects and programs that work toward the prevention of violence.

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