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Engineers Without Borders - Calgary City Chapter

Engineers Without Borders is a movement of professional engineers, students, overseas volunteer staff, and supporters across Canada. Together, we are almost 50,000 strong. We believe that the next generation of rural Africans should have the same opportunities to improve their lives that we have in Canada. 

Poverty is the product of broken systems that prevent people from realizing their full potential. Beating poverty means making those systems work. EWB is doing exactly that. We invest in people - smart systems changers, and we incubate the systemic innovaions that they create to accelerate rural African development. It's not about projects. It's not about technology. It's about people working with people to create lasting, scalable change that unlocks human potential. In Africa, EWB's approach to development focuses exclusively on systenic innovations that impact the masses. So we don't drill wells, we help to ensure that tens of thousands of wells are monitored and repaired. We don't distribute seeds, we work with small businesses to help them provide the tools and information that farmers need to prosper. By focusing on the needs of rural communities, we are improving access to clean water and critical infrastructure, increasing farmers' yields, and supporting business opportunities for aspiring entrepreneurs. 

In Canada, we aim to make Canada a model global citizen in the fight against poverty. We engage Canadians, our government, companies, and universities on a widespread scale, to build their connections to Africa and make choices that better promote and contribute to human development. There are two chapters in Calgary, The University of Calgary Chapter and the Calgary City Chapter, to connect all Calgarians, engineers and non-engineers, with our work.

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