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Erin Baragar

I am a mother of 2 and a wife of a police officer. My talented husband started our business Blue Line Woodwork as a way to wind down from work, to have something to do while trying to stay awake all night for his night shift or to make things his wife or kids asked for. After a little while I started to notice his passion for woodwork and suggested he start making orders and selling his work, since then it has become a successful little hobby. Since he was spending so much time on his days off in the shop building I began to join him and learn, I soon discovered my love for woodworking as well. I do not have the talent he has to build but I do have the craft side of it down and love coming up with new projects I can create easily and leave the big stuff to my husband. 

I myslef have always enjoyed doing craft nights, and then a friend of mine suggested I host some of my own, I thought about it and impulsvily one day decided to go for it. The first craft night sold out in less than 48 hours! I was beyond elated and also very nervous now as there was a strong interest for this, I didnt want to disappoint. Turns out everyone who attended it loved it and so hosting craft nights has now become a regular thing. I love being able to share new techniques with others and watch people create something of their own they can be proud of.

Thank you to anyone who has ever signed up for a craft night and I hope to see you at another one again.

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