Everdale/The SEED - The Good Food Project


The SEED and Everdale signed on in 2019 as a founding members of the Good Food Project, a collective impact project that will increase food sovereignty in Guelph and Wellington County by:

  • Increasing fresh food access for those who need it
  • Training and inspiring youth with barriers to health and employment
  • Providing social and food-skills experiences that motivate community members to support increased food security in their community.
  • Giving all community members tangible opportunities to contribute to positive systems change, demonstrating a community-supported alternative to the charitable foodbank model
  • All activities within the Good Food Project are intended to make healthy and culturally appropriate food more accessible to all community members, using grassroots power and ecologically sound methods.

The current reality is that about 16.4% Guelph and Wellington community members are food insecure – that’s about 20,000 people who do not have access to enough healthy food, right here in our robust agricultural area. This is higher than the national average. Despite these challenges, we believe that Guelph and Wellington can be one of the first communities in Canada to overcome the chronic problem of food insecurity and become “food secure”, with everyone having access to enough healthy food. Building food sovereignty is an important element of this work.

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