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Fly Life Canada

Gary is a GAIA (Game Anglers Instructors Association) Certified Instructor. Gary was the former team Captain for Team Canada at the 35th Annual World Fly Fishing Championship in Bosnia 2015. With this distinction, he was able to be involved at the highest-level skill competition in the World, through both qualifying and leading a five-man Canadian team. This experience of training under some of the best fly anglers in the world, under extremely competitive conditions, allowed him to vastly broaden his fishing knowledge. Gary’s learning curve increased ten-fold and has considerably improved his personal mainstream fishing ability and has given him an advanced edge in completion tactics.

Gary has been fly-fishing for 50+ years and teaches Fly tying from the most basic level to the master class level. In 2016 he won the Gold Medal in the Dry Fly Category at the German EWF 2016 Fly Tying Competition. He is the first Canadian to have won such a prestigious medal at a world Master Class fly tying level. He guides, teaches, and shares many aspects of a variety of fly fishing styles, from loch style fishing, bank fishing, and river and creek fishing to a host of techniques from new European Nymphing techniques to traditional loch style (Irish, English and Scottish) and the presentation. He also offers lectures on various topics and hosts private, community and public presentations worldwide.

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