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Food Venture Program

The Food Venture Program (FVP) is a collaboration of senior business mentors, food industry executives, chefs, product developers and dietitians in the food industry. 

Designed by Sima Gandhi and Kiran Bains, FVP offers educational programming based on design thinking with experiential workshops for food & beverage entrepreneurs across North America. 

Sima is owner of, previous manager for entrepreneurship programs at MaRS Discovery District (, workshop facilitator at Food Starter Toronto, 2018 EIR for the Toronto Public Library and founder of 

Kiran Bains, MSc, RD is a registered dietitian and owner of, a food industry consultancy and food and nutrition marketing agency. Kiran is also co-founder of the Upcycle Kitchen - a not for profit consumer packaged goods company in Guelph, that focuses on food system sustainability.

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