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Freddy "Freeze" Lopez, Founder and CEO

Freddy “Freeze” Lopez is one of Toronto’s original BBoy’s of the 1980’s, and is at the helm of the THHCC.  His love of music and dance started early in elementary school performing in talent shows all over the city. His passion for being on stage heightened and brought him to a group of talented dancers from Scarborough later known as Zodiac crew; Toronto's number one break dancing crew of the 1980’s.  Lopez later left Zodiac to join another crew from Scarborough known as Wild Style. His love of performing and break dancing was again elevated to a whole new level performing alongside great dancers as Bobby "Spinner" Martin, Paul Pitters and Rick Slade.

The evolution of his life as a BBoy who has travelled the world, to a successful entrepreneur, and a role model and mentor to the youth in the community, Mr. Lopez credits the power of Hip Hop with keeping him focused, positive, and engaged.  He also never lost sight of the ultimate goal; providing a home for Hip Hop in Toronto.  Involved in every aspect of Hip Hop culture from its genesis, Mr. Lopez is passionate about the power of Hip Hop as a culture and as a formidable movement.  Lopez feels strongly that Hip Hop is an excellent medium in which to inspire, motivate, and engage the youth of Toronto that are often failing in their attempts to navigate the world.  He himself gained critical life skills through the influence of Hip Hop culture, making the transition from adolescence to adulthood, often a real-life struggle for young people, less challenging.


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