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Geotechnical Society of Edmonton

The Geotechnical Society of Edmonton (GSE) was registered as an independent Society on February 5, 1969. It is one of the oldest geotechnical groups in Canada and has a membership of approximately 190. The GSE was initially formed to bring professionals and non-professionals together so they could share their geotechnical experiences and ideas with one another. Membership to the GSE is extended to those individuals in private consulting, government, industry, students or anyone else who has an interest in geotechnical and geoenvironmental issues. Approximately once every four weeks from September to May, feature speakers address the membership body to discuss new developments and challenging projects in geotechnical and geoenvironmental engineering on both the local and global scales. The local Society is affiliated with the Canadian Geotechnical Society (CGS). The CGS is a federally incorporated, financially independent non-profit learned society governed by an elected Board of Directors.

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