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Halifax Makerspace

The Halifax Makerspace is a workshop with the tools and the space to make, fix, adapt, or generally experiment with making useful things and learn from others. It's a shared space, in our case a nonprofit where we are responsible for paying the rent ourselves. People who want to try their hand at making but don't want to invest in all kinds of tools have pooled their resources and as an extra benefit can learn from eachother. Right now the Halifax Makerspace has a woodshop with lots of power tools, an electronics room with 3 workbenches, a sewing room that is also the social area, and a room with dedicated ventilation for plastics and other smelly products where we have a laser cutter and a 3D printer. Membership starts at $25 per month, but we're not a gym so you're not locked in. Members vote on group projects and the management of the nonprofit in general as co-owners.

Sorry, there are no upcoming events