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Heather Bradley

Growing up on our Family Farm in the 1960's, I have had a love of animals, of all kinds, for as long as I can remember. Back then we were "Organic" and didn't even know it!! We, of course, produced most of our own food, by growing a large garden and raising livestock and most certainly always had a Family Milk Cow. All of our Livestock served a practical purpose of course, but there was always room for one that might be considered "a pet" or one we'd keep for breeding stock, so I have memories of many animals near and dear to my heart. No farm with an animal crazy kid like I was, is complete without horses, so there were lots of those too, starting with the ponies and taking it from there. Pictured above is Blondie, and I was busy "being a movie star and waving to the camera", something I'd undoubtedly picked up from watching TV!! Aaaah, to be a carefree farm kid in the '60's.

It is my pleasure to be able to Organize this Event, I feel very honored to be able to do so.

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