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Heidi McBratney

Heidi McBratney has spent most of her life bringing inner awareness to the rhythm of her soul and following this beat. The song of her soul has guided her to amazing experiences, a deep love for creation and all of its inhabitants. From a young age she has had a call to support and guide others to remember their strength, light and truth. She has supported people using many different ways, methods and healing techniques. She has worked under the guise of emotional and therapeutic support to many of all ages and experiences, frequently working with those who have been touched by deep suffering and trauma which can occur in our life experience.


Heidi is deeply grateful for the many elders from many nations, which have supported and guided her to discover her own divinity. She has been gifted with different Spirit names, two of which lead her deep into ways of knowing herself and knowing others. She has traveled to many places and learned many ways of healing and guiding others in recognizing their divinity. Heidi supports people to remember and open their light and divinity through individual guidance, group teachings and opportunities that include ceremonies, and traveling to where she is called to work in communities or lands around the world.      

Heidi McBratney brings a depth of wisdom, insight, and encouragement to guide others to enhance and develop their own ability to grow and heal from the many different life challenge we all experience. Heidi supports those who she works with or teaches to find a new life path, a new road that will provide a sense of balance and direction.


She aims to develop one’s awareness of themselves, their strengths and needs, so as to enhance personal and spiritual satisfaction and calmness. Heidi makes use of a wide range of energy based healing techniques, clinical skills and life experiences, to guide and provide a connection to the wisdom we all hold inside ourselves.


Heidi focused her own education, training, and personal growth in ways that developed the skills and wisdom to support others of all ages, cultures and life experiences to move in a new life direction that would offer peace, confidence and self-awareness.


She has been a practitioner in counselling, energy medicine and has taught groups for over 25 years. She has achieved recognition as an expert in traumatic stress, compassion fatigue and healing the soul back to wholeness. She has taught at graduate universities, Police College and conferences in a number of areas. Heidi has also travelled to many places further developing her wisdom and working with different communities. Her real passion is to teach and guide people how to support others in their growth and healing through compassion, awareness and healing of the mind, body and soul. She offers individual sessions and group teachings on ways to provide healing for those experiencing physical, emotional, mental and spiritual challenges, as well as individuals and families who are in the dying process.


Heidi has a Masters in Counselling Psychology. She is a certified member of the Ontario Association of Counsellors, Consultants, Psychometrists and Psychotherapists, a member of The American Academy of Experts in Traumatic Stress and a Compassion Fatigue Specialist through the International Institute of Traumatology. Heidi completed advanced training with the Four Winds Society in Shamanic Luminous Body Healing, Soul Retrieval, Destiny Retrieval and she has taught for the Four Winds. She has also worked with Native Canadian and American Elders, African elders and many Elders from South America.  

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