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History Makers Academy

Make History! 

The tools and training presented at The History Makers Academy are a collection of world­‐leading and time­‐tested strategies. They provide attendees with everything they need to develop a life that produces real, lasting results. They are the principles and strategies known and understood by the small population of society that governs society.

The Bible speaks of God’s children as “the head and not the tail” of society, and yet many Christians have found themselves at the wrong end of the promise. This has largely been the result of a combination of ignorance, disempowering beliefs, misdirected values, weak character, shortsighted vision and unfocused life strategy. The “HMA” content has been designed to address and correct each of these major issues.

Research has proven over and over that as humans, we either grow or erode based on the demands of our environment. A combination of North American comfort-­‐based culture, along with a widespread extremist view of the prosperity gospel, has produced a weakened and apathetic church body that focuses primarily on a once a week experience.

The History Makers Academy atmosphere has been designed to simulate “points of pressure” (or simulated challenges and obstacles to overcome) to create lasting personal breakthrough. Through these challenges and applied pressure it is possible for the attendee to reach a “breaking point” where “His strength is perfected in our weakness” (2 Cor. 12:9). The attendee actually begins to access supernatural power and grace that they never knew they could walk in.

While the training is only three and a half days long, it is a well-known fact that, three days is all it takes to change a mindset. Not only does The History Makers Academy Trainings produce immediate results through new thinking, it leaves attendees with a desire for self-imposed pressure and a profound sense of empowerment in their ability to rise to any occasion and go beyond their personal limitations. Studies now show that success is a combination of three factors: Knowledge (10%), Environment (40%) and Character (50%). HMA literally provides a platform to grow and utilize all three. We also teach you how to continue to grow long after the training is over.

This effective combination of content and environment offered by a History Makers Training provides the keys to rebuilding a life, as well as society. It has been proven to help people of all ages and lifestyles to live a life of true purpose, power and precision.


This Academy is the ultimate result-oriented machine!


No matter who you are, it is almost impossible to attend a History Makers Academy training and not produce astonishing results both during and in the years following.


Come discover your calling & fulfill your highest potential... preparing people to impact every sphere of society!

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