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Ignite Men’s Ministry was formed in 2006 as a way to reach men within the Riverwood Church Community and help them on their faith adventure. In early 2017, it was determined that, in order to impact more men, Ignite would expand beyond the limitations of a single church. We are now gathering momentum as we find more brothers who have a passion for taking the next step to being closer to Christ – “Discipleship.”

Our mission is a very crucial one:

“Helping men reach their true potential through the support of a band of brothers focused on Christ’s plan for us.“

Our plans for completing this mission have been broken down into four critical steps presented in our logo:

Connect: Taking the first step of the journey to becoming part of a “community” of men.

Belong: Becoming “known” and displaying God’s will for us by investing in each other.

Thrive: Changing our strategy from simply surviving to “thriving” in the abundance of God’s grace and knowing that your joy comes from Him.

Multiply: Seeking others who are journeying on the path that God has laid out and discipling each other though each stride In our adventure.

As a way of building community, we bring men together for barbecues, bible studies, group events & programs, community projects, etc. Our current focus is growing the group with men passionate about being a part of Ignite and interested in forming of bands of brothers. We invite you to join us on the adventure that God has called all men to. No man should journey alone.

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