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Imaginetic is a leader in the design and promotion of Serious Games.

Imaginetic is a leader in the design and promotion of Serious Games for a diverse range of industries including defense, education, science, healthcare, emergency control, urban planning, engineering, and politics. The company also provides hands-on simulation-based training sessions, which promote and reinforce behavioural learning in a cost-effective, controlled and safe environment.

Led by Tom Fisher, expert in the area of simulation-based training with over 30 years experience in scenario and games development and facilitation, sessions leverage existing or bespoke games that can be customized to deliver practical, field-based, interactive learning environments, tailored to participants’ industries, professions and roles.

Founded on the premise that experiential education bridges the gap between theoretical learning and real-world experience, the sessions foster accessible learning by integrating traditional classroom work with complex and dynamic scenarios that allow participants to confront demanding scenarios in a safe and fiscally responsible setting.

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