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Indian Festivals Club of Nova Scotia

“Indian Festivals Club of Nova Scotia” was founded in 2013 by Group of enthusiastic Friends who wanted to celebrate events that can break the bridges between cultures. We Started by celebrating the Navratri Festival, world’s largest Dance festival celebrated by millions of people for nine consecutive nights. It’s the most famous festival in West India. We added Diwali, festival of lights, the most important festival for Hindu, Sikh and Jain religion. After succession of these two festivals we started celebrating Holi, colour festival, the most famous festival in entire India. We named festival as a Halifax Color Festival which was biggest hit amongst local and international crowd.


Halifax Color Festival is celebrated every year in month of September. Our team came as a student to Nova Scotia and loved Nova Scotia a lot. Our goal is to welcome all new students coming to Nova Scotia in September with creating their first week with fun, excitement by celebrating this festival with locals. Joyful celebration by uniting Halifax local communities, students and new arrived students is our team’s success criteria.


Our team is very large with many creative and hardworking volunteers having background from different religion, race, culture and geography. We believe, Success of an event is totally depends on hard work of volunteers. We are very grateful to have very large volunteer strength. We also have very good support from Dalhousie University, and Halifax community and our Sponsors.


Halifax Color Festival was one of the most beautiful event of 2015 in Halifax noticed by media and many people, now for 2016, we came back with higher strength, big team and full of confidence.


“Trust our team, celebrate with us and enjoy a one of the best day to remember in your entire life.”

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