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Innov8 Collective by MethodSquared

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MethodSquared's goal is to ENGAGE. INSPIRE. EMPOWER. Anyone and everyone can contribute to creating better experiences for humans, so a community was created to allow for collaboration and cocreation.

Innov8Collective is the co-creative community organised by a volunteer team who put on social and hands-on learning events to bring design thinkers from all walks of life together. Your community organizer and host/facilitator is Kaishin Chu of MethodSquared Designhaus. 


Designing meaningful and impactful services or products, and same with your balancing your work/personal life to be meaningful and impactful can be hard. And it can be lonely. Come share a problem or project you're working on and receive the collective knowledge and support from the group. You are invited to come share your frustrations and learnings with other people. We'll guide and facilitate putting on the design thinking cap and share the service design framework in order to transform how you do and think.


This group is for people in all fields and all walks of life. Everyone is an expert in the knowledge and insight they can share. The breadth of knowledge shared range from citizens, to service designers, designers in all fields, product managers, health care workers, event organisers, computer engineers, to students, business owners, entrepreneurs. architects, and many more... The dynamic mix of people collaborating to share and co-create experiences, stories, insights, and learn new ways of problem solving. 


Best feedback we've gotten and what you can hope to expect, "transformation of your perspectives" in which you use in your daily work/personal life. We've had attendees/participants who commented on their "light bulb" moment and how learning design thinking and service design can be "transformational" in your life.

Come join the conversations and co-create with us.

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