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Insight Psychological Inc. is a leader in specialized assessments and counselling services providing psychological services since 1997 to individuals, groups, couples, families, children, and organizations in the private, professional, public, charitable, medical, and educational sectors. 

Our Corporate Care team of associates is made up of seasoned business owners and coaches, successful organizational leaders, south-after field experts, and highly experienced therapists. We are here to help business owners, organizational managers, unions, team leaders, and employees:

  • mitigate the risks to which their business/organization and its members may be exposed,
  • prevent harm to their business/organization and its members, and
  • manage the impact of their stressors as well as their intervention  efforts on their business/organization and its members.

In particular, we specialize in helping to address concerns and manage cases that involve:

  • Workplace Harassment, Bullying, and Violence
  • Diversity, Inclusion, and Discrimination
  • Critical/Traumatic Incident Response
  • Dysfunctional Conflict and Performance Deterioration
  • Management Difficulties and Need for Development
  • Wellness and Psychological Health Issues
  • Cross-cultural Business/Management Engagement Difficulties
  • Small and Family Business Challenges

Businesses/Organizations are ultimately led and operated by people. As such, Insight’s priority is first and foremost on YOU, the person – be that the business owner, manager, team leader, or employee. If your emotional, physical, intellectual/mental, spiritual, social, environmental, occupational, and/or financial wellness is comprised, your overall well-being, productivity, and effectiveness at work as well as at home can be directly affected. As such, Insight takes a holistic approach to caring for your multiple dimensions of wellness as they are inter-related and collectively they impact your ability to cope with life stressors, remain productive, and realize the potential for your business/organization, your work, and yourself.

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