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Inspired Mindfulness Meditation

Remember . . .  the entrance to the sanctuary is within you.


MEDITATION BENEFITS  In meditation thoughts decrease and the mind becomes quieter.  Energy, previously utilized by the thinking process, is released and energizes the brain.  An energized brain is a happy, active, and attentive brain with open senses, and clear and enhanced perception.  There are so many positive effects of a regular meditation practice including: relaxation, calmness and optimism, increase in concentration, attention, creativity, motivation, empathy, and acceptance and compassion of self and others.


CLASS FLOW  Our typical class flow for a 1 hour guided meditation::
•  breathing practice (pranayama) 10~15mins
•  guided seated meditation or lying down (savasana) 25~35mins
•  Q&A with optional sharing


MEDITATE - Mindfulness & Meditation
Intro to Mindfulness Meditation (6-week program)
Individual & Family Meditation (available in-person or by phone)
Teacher Intensives
HEAL - Mindfulness & Grief (8-week program)
LOVE - {Sacred Sundays}
TRANSFORM - Mindfulness & Stress Reduction: Fear to Courage (8-week program)
Bali Retreats (1-week)
Silent Retreats (1-day)
Corporate Wellness
SACRED HEALING - Spiritual Prayer, Ceremony & Ritual
ONLINE - Courses & Digital Downloads
Inspired Jewellery ~ red string bracelets, mala bracelets & necklaces
MENTORSHIP - Mentoring Women
Spiritual Entrepreneur

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