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In times when we feel lost we need to be reminded of the wisdom that it is within us – and I am no different.

I am dedicated to continuously growing and learning as well as supporting others through challenging times of growth with curiosity, compassion, and awareness.

Having completed my professional coach training through CTI, the world's leading ICF Accredited coach training program, I am excited to bring to our session the Co-Active coaching model. Using this method of coaching which is supported by neuroscience research we will explore and discover what brings meaning and resonance into your life, increasing awareness towards becoming more integrated, effective, connected and whole.

I understand how in the busyness of life and doing of day-to-day activities our attention can often be pulled into many different directions. As a Project Manager I have collaborated with many teams working towards a common goal and vision. As we work together I will hold the focus on your intentions; how you want to show up in life, what part of you wants to shine through more and what really matters to you. Getting curious together about how you might want to break things down into doable tasks to keep momentum going.

Engaged in mindfulness practices over the last 9 years leading guided meditation, I have learned to slow down and get curious about what is really going on, stepping back from thoughts, feelings and experience and viewing these from a wider lens of awareness. This allows us to shine a light on your own inner wisdom that wants to come forward in your life. Also my training as a Myofascial Yoga teacher and in the Hakomi method will bring the power of the mind body interface into our sessions.

Welcoming all parts of the Self without judgement leading to a new trust in life and freedom to be.

Let’s explore what really matters to you, how you want to show up and what steps you can take to bring more of you into your life.

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