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Jennie Ogilvie - The Comedian Medium

Jennie Ogilvie -  Alberta's Favorite Medium - the Comedian Medium.

I have been called the Comedian Medium.  Apparently I am a cross between Teresa Caputo and Ellen Degeneres. I am  straight to the point, often have no filter, and I believe that laughs are just as healing as tears. 

As a medium it is my job to understand what spirit gives me, in turn, then communicating that to my clients in the form of validations. As I have grown with my connection, it was clear to me that a reading is just not about the validation of loved ones you have lost making a connection through me. An integral part of this process is not forgetting the person still living thru the loss.

One day, YOU will be the one that someone loses, and between the time you lose somebody that you love, and the time you pass away, you've got one great big MOMNENT IN TIME.  So Embrace it!  Enjoy it!  Love it!


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