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Jewish Caterer

Please note I am a professional Event Planner, with a Post-Graduate Certificate in Festival Event Conference Management from Centennial College. My specialty is creating social justice events.

In 2007, I created the first-ever New Canadians (Newcomers) Forum held at City Hall in Toronto, which had a presentation and trade show component. The purpose of this event was to promote Bill-124 (the Fair Access to Regulated Professions Act), which was legislation proposed by Mike Colle (MPP and former Minister of Citizenship and Immigration). To assist former Minister Colle in promoting this legislation I wrote an article in La Guia Magazine, which is a popular publication in his constituency and well-read internationally by the Hispanic community. I also arranged for a roster of great presenters at the event, including; former Mayor David Miller, Gerry Martiniuk (former MPP and former Official Opposition Labor Critic), as well as Keith Pelley (former President of the Toronto Argonauts Football Club and current Rogers Media President), Padre Hernan Astudillo (Director of the San Lorenzo Community Centre and Church and Director of Voces Latinas Radio 1610 AM). The event was broadcast live on Voces Latinas Radio, covered by Rogers TV and OMNI Television and attended by various Consular Generals of various embassies.

In 2008, I created the first-ever Women in Trades Forum. This event had a massive trade show component and featured presenters who delivered programs throughout Toronto's City Hall. City Councillor - Shelley Carrol and Deb Mathews the first Ontario Minister Responsible for Women's Issues were among the featured presenters. As a result of this event an annual event occurs at Centennial College. The Pre - Apprenticeship Training Institute developed the Youth Apprenticeship Council as a result of this event, at which they were a major exhibitor among other training schools for skilled trades.

In 2008, I also created the Family Law Forum, which was event to promote new Family Law legislation (GET Law - religious divorce), at which the Chris Bentley (MPP, Minister of Aboriginal Affairs and former Attorney General of Ontario) was one of the distinguished presenters, along with David Colodny (Fraud Examiner for Divorcees) and others.

In 2009, I created The Big Pitch Environmental Forum, at the HP Science and Technology Centre, which featured industry leaders in environmental programming and conservation. It also had a trade show component and resulted in new alliances for environmental development for Centennial College.

In 2011, I managed a campaign for the Inaugural Convocation of the Canadian Yeshiva and Rabbinical School, which was located at the Toronto School of Theology (University of Toronto), now in Victoria College (U of T). The event was held at the Isabel Bader Theatre. My role was to develop sponsorship package, create invitation letters for dignitaries and members of the media and to arrange for Councillor James Pasternak to officiate the opening ceremonies. I also arranged for the National Post to feature a one-page article about the School on the cover page of the Life section, in the Saturday edition.

In 2012, I created three great events for Maxi Mind Learning Centres, which specializes in treatment programs for children with autism and learning disabilities, among other issues. For prior events I wrote developed a Media Advisory, invitations to the events for the public, dignitaries, members of the media and others. I created a major media campaign to promote the most recent event, including; a guest appearance for Maxi Mind's Educational Director on the Jerry Agar Show (Newstalk 1010 AM), event promotion in advance and onsite by Rogers TV, a featured article in the Canadian Jewish News to appear in January 2013 and other highly successful marketing and promotional efforts.

All of the above is to illustrate that I am a capable marketer and promoter; especially for new ventures and for ideas in a process of growth. Based on my prior experience planning social justice / community events and my knowledge of social policy development, I am confident that I could be great value to you. My assistance could include campaign development, media connections, writing Press / Media Releases and overall strategy for your political presence.

Information about Digital Marketing services can be reviewed on my Digital Marketing website: BrandsWon.comShould you have any questions about how I can assist you, kindly call me directly at 289-597-3093.
I am looking forward to hearing from you. Kindly take a moment to view my website:, which contains detailed information about events and media campaigns that I created and managed. 

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