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Founded in 1994, JourneyWoman is known as the original women’s solo travel publication, inspiring generations of adventurous, courageous women to take the first step as solo travellers. Founded by the late Evelyn Hannon, JourneyWoman is now led by Carolyn Ray, passionate traveller and community-builder. With curiosity as our compass, we seek authenticity in every experience. We are teachers, role models and mentors, sharing our stories with intention, striving to influence positive change. Through our award-winning editorial, we empower women to travel safely and well, providing practical, honest advice from real women who understand that travel is not a right, but a privilege. Grounded in our values of generosity, empathy and kindness, we learn from and teach one another through forums and expert-led webinars on provocative topics that elevate our understanding of the world. Join our mailing list of over 55,000 women and learn more at