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Karen Neuls; Living your Divine Destiny

Karen Neuls, Karuna Reiki Master, Spiritual Teacher and Healer has a huge passion for helping others. She helps bring empowerment and leadership to lightworkers, teaching them through inspirations and passion to not be afraid of who they are.

 Karen passionately loves to empower others to heal, to feel worthy and loved.  To teach them to lead with their hearts while feeling safe and supported from the universe.  To  receive the strength, grace and vulnerability to find their purpose and place in this world while opening up their hearts to the wisdom and connection of the divine which is filled with an abundance of fulfillment and joy and their destiny!

She works very closely with the celestial and angelic realms, working with the Divine Feminine and Christ Light, helping to bring back the ancient wisdom from Lemuria, Atlantis and Avalon where you can discover the sacred keys and codes that are within you, that you can use in this lifetime to help bring the ascension of the planet to receive more love and healing..

Give yourself permission to move into your true self and say YES to you!  To experience spiritual growth, self love, ever lasting support from our divine mother and the opportunities as we enter the new golden age. Do not be afraid of who you are, for you were born to do this!

 I love you,
Karen Neuls

-There’s no place like home -

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