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My name is Karyn MacEwen and I'm a Toronto Realtor. I’m also a homebody with a real love for the city. I love the trendy coffee shop that I can walk to in two minutes flat, but I like to bring my latte home after I’ve bought it. I love people-watching while running along city streets, but I don’t want to linger on a busy sidewalk for too long. I love a night out at a cozy restaurant, but most of the time a cozy night in is just as nice. I like the sound of clothes tumbling in the dryer, the way the right lighting warms a room, the pouring of a glass of wine to accompany a favorite show on TV, soft sheets, pictures on the wall, the sound of my son’s pitter-pattering feet across the floor, and the smell of homemade lasagna. 

Helping people find homes they love and the reaction they have when they step into that space for the first time is what I love most about my job. To me, home is where memories are made, where safety is felt, and where we can be exactly the person we are or want to be. Wouldn’t you agree? If so, allow me to help you find your perfect place to call home.

Neighbourhoods I work in and love? Leslieville, Riverside, Riverdale, Corktown, Distillery District, West Queen West, Parkdale and Roncesvalles

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