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Katie Eyre with

I’m Katie, a Health & Vitality Mentor based in Calgary, Canada. I’ve been studying nutrition, herbalism, mycology and fitness for about 6 years. I honour, treasure and really love food and I support organic, whole food living. I’m just beginning to understand the great potentiality in our foods and medicinal plants and fungi. There is a great power that the Western world seems to have forgotten, or forsaken.

I’m a wholist. A realist. And a believer.

My hope is to connect people. To their bodies, to their food and to this beautiful earth. Connect actions to reactions and help my clients to grow happier, healthier and more aware.

It’s a profound experience to learn of the power that we have and the potential in foods to nourish and heal. Our bodies are designed to flourish in the greatest health and wellness. We are designed to be vibrant, robust creatures.

Not tired. Not stressed. Not sick.

This is empowering and encouraging. But we must stop seeing our bodies as enemies and our symptoms as meaningless, unrelated bothers. Our bodies are powerful and wise and they are trying to warn and inform us. We are elaborately designed and refined to function in the highest level of health and vitality. But if we don’t recognize this, and continue to choose guilt, victimization and fear rather than responsibility, potentiality and faith we will continue in the direction of illness and dis-ease.

We have a lot more control than we’ve been lead to believe. Each system, each organ, each tissue and cell is connected and working together to bring us life and health. Through simple changes we can fuel our bodies with clean energy and see major improvements – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually – in our day to day lives and our overall health and longevity too.

Food is the answer and with every meal we have a choice and an amazing opportunity.

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