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Katrina Vedan

Na,na…na, na… OREO’s!!! The JAWS theme happens to match the story of my life. Every time we make lunches for the kids or just pass by the treat cupboard.. that song is what the brain is playing is playing on full blast. Gone vegetarian, vegan & all of that but feel that going back to earthy recipes is BS...been there done that (why do they take forever to make & actually taste like dirt?). 

Listen. Getting our 2 kids was NOT rainbows & butterflies (stage 4 endometriosis, infertility, 16 rounds of ivf, NICU baby, multiple miscarriages, depression, denial…you name it I’ve experienced it) but in the end blessed with an awesome hubby & 2 kiddies. It’s all made life coo-coo for coco puffs & when it’s time to eat it better be GOOD & let’s not feel guilty about it right?!?!?! 

Favourite pastimes were filling my face on the couch while watching Apple TV or Netflix, queen of anti-social & angry at the world. Can you relate? Nothing good became of that except more sugary treats, weight gain, zero friends & a near divorce. Not good. ACTION NEEDED TO BE TAKEN.

A transformation began & continues to take place daily. Think about this... 40 lbs lost…that’s 40 BLOCKS OF BUTTER!! The MENTALITY has changed too! WAY MORE POSITIVE! WAY HAPPIER! WAY MORE ENERGY! Let's scream it from the rooftops. WE ARE NOT ALONE! WE DESERVE A BETTER LIFE!!! My life now is dedicated to helping women come out of that deep dark place we all crawl into when we are hurting, feeling sad, overweight, unable to get out of bed & just plain unhappy. It’s not always about scale victories. 

Send a DM so the life raft can bring you out into the sunshine & then we will CRUSH your life & fitness goals together. LET’S DRIVE IT LIKE IT’S STOLEN!!!

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