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KCCO Calgary

We are Calgary's Officially Recognized Chive Nation Chapter. 

We are on the official map:

What is the Chive Nation?

Chive nation was born out of a resounding need for people who frequented the web page to get together in the real world to hang out, share some laughter and have fun.

But that was not good enough for the amazing people that make up every CHIVE Nation chapter around the world. CHIVE Nation takes it one step further, we "Make the world 10% happier" by raising funds for the orphan charities, the ones that are often overlooked by the large charity organizations, and those who have the rarest of rarest health issues. The CHIVE Nation has broken the mold for how crowdfunding campaigns operate on numerous occasions, and out of that was born the CHIVE Charities. 

 KCCO Calgary being a Canadian Chapter has been focusing on local charitable causes and over the last 4-5 years we have raised over $40000 for various causes in and around Calgary, occasionally sending some love down to Chive Charities as well. I would like to refer you to a video on YouTube that sums us up very well.

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