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Keith McDonald ~ the Open News Network

The Open News Network (founded & hosted by Keith McDonald) is the home office for a number of projects that will ultimately include a series of interviews with thought leaders, blogs, podcasts and a soundtrack album of original technology themed songs (including the unofficial Open Data National Anthem: "the Open Data Song").


Our Mission/Motivation (statement) is simple: "Our purpose is to help people overcome conflict, alienation and fear of technology – to awaken audiences and empower citizens to take control over their data and manage the inevitable changes technology brings. To nurture an open and transparent ethos that allows everyone to participate willingly, understand exactly what is happening around them and to be vocal about how their data is used and shared."


Are you with us?
First up in our "programming" is a unique documentary-style & concert performance workshop. Series one was branded as keithCHATS: includedOUT ~ excludedIN and we have a new 2019 series: keithCHATS: Connecting the DOTS ~ Betweeen Humans and BOTS beginning in May and ending in October.


These sessions bring all of the ONN elements together to discuss Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Privacy, Digital Rights, Social Media and Open Data. The workshop is currently being offered at multiple locations within the Toronto Public Library system.

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