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When you live an authentic life, you just feel better, your health improves, improves, your circumstance improves, you draw good energy to you and your life begins to improve for the better! Letting go of "unwanted baggage" feels great! Letting go with LOVE in your heart feels even greater!


Soul Coaching® with Kelly

No matter what your past or present situation, Soul Coaching® can provide you with tools to enrich your life in meaningful ways. This program along with Kelly's profound life experiences can take you from almost any situation you are in and begin to transform your life! Experience the miracle you truly are and sign up today. No judgements, just the beautiful synergy of the group setting and a toolbox for a new life. 


Work with Kelly One-On-One, In Groups, or Online.


Kelly lives on Vancouver Island and spends her spare time playing with photography, writing, and learning. She loves cooking for friends, entertaining, continuing her own journey of spiritaul growth and personal development. She works with people from all around the world performing Space Clearings, Feng Shui consultations, Oracle Card Readings, Vision Board and Spirit Stick Workshops and has coached / mentored people all over the world.


Kelly continues to be a welcome guest on Interior Alignment® BlogTalk Radio and has written numerous articles for "The Soul's Truth" and Interior Alignment Newsletters.


Kelly is a Master Teacher of Interior Alignment® and Soul Coaching® Master Practitioner and Trainer.  Kelly's teaching style is one of compassion and humour, fairness and integrity and she delivers far beyond what you may expect from each program offering you an experience you will remember for a very long time, that will touch you on many levels. 


Read Kelly's chapter in the award winning book:

Soul Whispers II: Secret Alchemy of the Elements in Soul Coaching

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