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Knowledge Makes Cents

We believe all citizens deserve the knowledge for financial success.  Money skills are life skills.


We are a financial literacy academy for kids - teaching them the essential money skills for a financially successful future.  We have parent classes too.


All children deserve to learn, at the least, the basic skills of life, such as, reading, writing, math, healthy eating and money skills. Effective and comprehensive financial literacy should be taught along side math and languages. But why hasn't it? Now there is a solution: Knowledge Makes Cents, a financial literacy academy for kids and parents.


Knowledge Makes Cents provides kids, from as young as kindergarten, with the financial knowledge and skills to help them get the financial edge and success in life. Jettison the idea of just saving for retirement. At Knowledge Makes Cents, kids learn through fun activities, role playing and games, to set goals for financial freedom.


The Knowledge Makes Cents courses for parents will teach them how and what to do at home to empower their kids' financial knowledge into successful lifelong money habits. Knowledge Makes Cents also prepares young adults on finances of moving out and living on their own.


Our programs are offered after-school, on weekends, and at summer camps.

Knowledge Makes Cents does NOT sell investment products, financial services, RESPs or insurances. We are a privately-owned financial literacy academy helping families become money smart!

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